About me

Hi. I'm Chris. I'm a university student with a passion for left politics and organizing.

I like contemporary minority-ethnic interest media, in particular those that explore structural racism and inequality and how individuals experience those systems, but I'll read or watch anything that successfully weaves a compelling tale of the common humanity shared between individuals divided by arbitrary social categories.

I am a fan of the album and musical Hadestown; beyond musicals, I enjoy listening to folk and indie electronica, as well as video game soundtracks and remixes, for which my nostalgia is fierce and undying. I have been playing the saxophone for nine years now, although it's more of a hobby than a committed passion for me.

I play video games, the majority of which tend to fall into two categories: those with believable, moving characterization alongside the presentation of meaningful sociopolitical themes (e.g. Fallout: New Vegas), and those requiring a great deal of strategy or complex decision-making, with high replayability and a high skill ceiling (e.g. Slay the Spire).

About this website

I was inspired to make this personal website after reading Discovering the Small Web by Parimal Satyal. Let this site exist, alongside so many others, as a statement against the stamping out of individualism and creativity by corporations and government in this once-free and open space.

In part, I made this website because I wanted to learn HTML, which seemed to me a meaningful first step towards that nebulous conception I have of “coding.” A few years ago, I developed a keen personal interest in personal data privacy and security, driven by a deep conviction that surveillance without consent is a violation of fundamental human rights, that without the opportunity to develop both public and private personas, we are deprived of the ability to choose who we want to be. In the course of exploring this rabbit hole, I discovered that, at some point, an individual without technical skills in the programming field hits a wall past which some tools and software are inaccessible. It is from this inability to continue further along this path which has pushed me towards increasing the extent of my technical knowledge so as to enable a wider variety of applications thereof.

I made this website to express my personal beliefs, something with which I have struggled all my life, as a person of color. It is difficult for me to accept that what I have to say is worth saying. This website represents one of many attempts at challenging this internalized self-doubt. If I publish what I write, then it must be because it is worth reading, and I hope you will find it so.